31 October, 2017

rekordbox update Ver. 5.0.2

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes.

Special notice for XDJ-RX users:

Please update the firmware of your XDJ-RX to the latest version (ver. 2.21 or later). If you don’t update, the tempo sliders will not work when using it as a controller with rekordbox dj.

  • Improved
    • macOS High Sierra support.
    • Added the option to automatically adjust the zoom of enlarged waveforms when using SYNC.
    • Added the option to select [enable] or [disable] Send/Return effects on your DJM mixer.
    • Accuracy of the tempo slider when connecting the XDJ-RX.
    • Ability to start playback from the beginning of a track when playing the lead-in part of the vinyl/CD in DVS REL mode.
  • Fixed
    • The auto gain value was set to the minimum after importing tracks from rekordbox.xml or analyzing tracks.
    • The playback position jumped when you would reset the tempo while BPM Sync was enabled in the DVS REL mode.
    • Key information wasn’t displayed on the DDJ-RZX Track Info screen (2-deck display).
    • Detailed waveforms weren’t being displayed on the DDJ-RZX’s center screen when you pressed the rotary selector.
    • [Show/Hide information] in the drop-down menu was grayed out and couldn’t be selected.
    • Opposite column sorting order.
    • When selecting a track and [Show in Explorer], deletion of the track became unavailable.
    • The rekordbox application would crashed when [Cancel] was selected in the account setup dialogue.
    • Even though Memory Cue, Loop and Active Loop were set or deleted in a track, the changes wouldn’t be reflected for the same track in multiple decks.
    • The beat count of Beat FX may have been displayed incorrectly.
    • Potential crash when closing a video window.
    • The BPM value on the CDJ-900NXS [Link Info] screen was 1/100 of the correct value in HID control mode.
    • Colour icon wasn’t displayed in the drop-down menu, if the colour name had been changed in the Preferences.
    • Potential freeze when the INTERFACE 2 was connected to a Mac.
    • Sometimes the length of a loop was shortened when you would manually input its BPM on the grid edit screen.
    • AAC files with a sampling rate of 22,050 Hz weren’t played properly.
    • The application would potentially crash when changing the genre of multiple tracks at the same time.
    • The same rating value was applied to all the tracks in an album when it was set on iTunes.
    • The input record in the Preferences became blank when CH4 was selected as a record channel for the certain DJM mixers.
    • Read-only tracks that were imported first and later exported to a device, couldn’t be deleted from the device.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


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