Professional DJ headphones with outstanding audio quality, superior durability and improved functionality for a deeper connection with your music.

We’ve redesigned and rebuilt our top-flight professional DJ headphones to create the HDJ series, offering brand new headphone experiences to suit every DJ. After listening to feedback from some of the world’s most demanding DJs, the HDJ models were created to withstand the rigours of the road, remain comfortable for long sets and reproduce high quality audio for clean monitoring across the frequencies.

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How other DJs found the HDJ-X models

carl cox testimonial

Carl Cox

The first time that I put the HDJ-X10 on, I could feel that these headphones were very special, the weight and the feel once they were on my head, I felt very at home with them. And then the sound, the depth, quality and bass deepness, is all I will ever need in a headphone, and the HDJ-X has it all. Now, I cannot use anything else, this is it.

claude vonstroke testimonial

Claude VonStroke

I love the sound quality but even more importantly the fit. They are really comfortable even playing a long set. I actually wear them for everyday listening, not just DJ-ing.

danny avila testimonial

Danny Avila

The new HDJ-X10 headphones have a super robust outer shell and felt incredibly stable the first time I held them, and they are the perfect size! My major issue with headphones is their durability and Pioneer DJ has created headphones which seem to be indestructible.

james zabiela testimonial

James Zabiela

I put my headphones through absolute Hell, if I’m not sweating all over them when I’m playing and jumping around, then I’m stuffing them into my packed hand luggage loose, without a case and squashed in amongst heavy Sound Cards and dirty socks. They’re robust and they need to be, they also sound great.

joe kay testimonial

Joe Kay

I like the HDJ-X10 because I like to feel as if it's just me and the music when I'm out playing out to a crowd.

karizma testimonial


I really love the HDJ-X10 sonically, and is the headphones of choice for me as it brings out the best in the NXS2 and I love its comfort! (Photo Credit: Julien Duval Photography)

roger sanchez testimonial

Roger Sanchez

The new Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 headphones are by far the best performance headphones I have ever worked with. They sound fantastic, feel extremely comfortable, are robust and - this important - look SEXY!! What more can a DJ ask for in headphone?

sick individuals testimonial

Sick Individuals

Pioneer DJ always provides top notch quality in every aspect and product, especially the brand new HDJ-X10 headphones that we use to perform worldwide!

technasia testimonial


There’s no looking back after this… The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10s have opened a new realm that immerses you in pristine sound and stunning clarity.


The professional standard upgraded

Stay on top of your game with the HDJ-X10, designed with input from professional DJs to serve you in every circumstance, from festivals to clubs. The HDJ-X10s are the world’s first DJ headphones to produce high-resolution sound ranging from 5 Hz to 40 kHz, allowing you to hear frequencies other DJ headphones can’t reproduce. This way, you’ll make an even deeper connection with your music and create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor.

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Designed to adapt

Step up your booth game with the HDJ-X7. Improving on the past professional DJ headphones with newly developed drivers, the HDJ-X7s provide clean monitoring even at high volumes. Sound separation through the 4-core twisted-structure cable ensures superior left and right channel separation, while the flexible headband means your headphones will be a perfect fit.

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Prime sound quality

The HDJ-X5s have got all the features DJs require. Thanks to the professional grade sound design – inherited from our previous range of professional DJ headphones – you can enjoy distortion-free monitoring, even at high volumes both at the booth or home.

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Frequency Response
  • 5 Hz ~ 40 kHz
  • 50 mm high resolution audio HD driver*1
  • 5 Hz ~ 30 kHz
  • 50 mm driver based on HDJ-2000MK2
  • 5 Hz ~ 30 kHz
  • 40 mm driver
Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock Test
Water repellent Ear Pads*2 - -
Water repellent Head Cushion*2 - -
Flexible Headband
Monitoring Function - Swivel 90° swivel 90° swivel 90° swivel
Monitoring Function - Spring Back - -
Included Accessories
  • 1.2 m coiled cable
  • 1.6 m straight cable
  • ø6.3 mm stereo plug adapter
  • Carry case
  • 1.2 m coiled cable
  • 1.6 m straight cable
  • ø6.3 mm stereo plug adapter
  • Carry pouch
  • 1.2 m coiled cable
  • ø6.3 mm stereo plug adapter
  • Carry pouch
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*1 First headphones in the world to reproduce frequencies from 5 Hz to 40 kHz in the DJ headphones market (according to research conducted by Pioneer DJ Corporation Ltd, 21st August 2017).

*2 First headphones in the world to feature nano coating in the DJ headphones market (according to research conducted by Pioneer DJ Corporation Ltd, 21st August 2017).

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