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DDJ-FLX6 4-channel DJ controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

With a host of innovative features, the DDJ-FLX6 makes it easy to hype up the audience, mix songs from totally different genres, and spice up your sets with pro-sounding scratch effects.

Tutorial series

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Merge FX techniques

You can create unique sounds, builds, and fills when you combine Merge FX with Beat FX on the DDJ-FLX6. Find even more dynamic ways to transition between tracks by using a custom loop as a build sample.
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Merge FX

Add drama to your sets and easily mix different styles of music with this brand-new feature. No matter what the BPM or key of the next track is, you can create an exciting transition whenever you want.
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Jog Cutter

Turn on Jog Cutter and, when you move the jog wheel backward and forward between the 6 sections shown on the jog wheel, a scratch effect will be applied to the last Hot Cue or playback position you used.
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Sample Scratch

Sample Scratch is a brand-new pad mode in rekordbox which enables you to choose sounds or even full tracks you’ve assigned to the sampler and load them onto the decks.

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