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Anti-static slipmat (bakibaki)


Don't let it slip

Manufactured in Japan by Dr. Suzuki - the creator of the DJ slipmat - these anti-static slipmats (sold as a pair) are engineered to resist shock and agitation to you give you the control you need. At the same time, they minimize the noise made when controlling the record for smoother mixes and performance.

Its diameter is slightly shorter than the record which prevents the slipmat from sticking to the vinyl when switching records. Great for DJing all genres, routines, scratching, battles, and digital control records (Serato, Traktor, etc).

We collaborated with artist BAKIBAKI to create a beautifully designed custom slipmat. BAKIBAKI, otherwise known as Kohei Yamao, is a painter and producer who is famous for his signature "BAKIBAKI" (cracking-sound-like pattern) in his live painting and murals found both in Japan and overseas.

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