February 05, 2019

rekordbox update ver. 5.4.3

Download the latest version of our free music management software, rekordbox, to access new features and fixes.

  • New
    • Alphanumeric key indication (optional).
    • Support for non-multicolored lighting fixtures that don’t feature color wheels.
  • Improved
    • MACRO EDITOR screen usability.
  • Fixed
    • Scrolling was sometimes slow while browsing.
    • Trouble locating missing files.
    • Sometimes unable to edit brightness while using MACRO EDITOR.
    • Collection and Related Tracks showed different keys.
    • Sometimes Loop Capture was unavailable while using Automix.
    • Incorrect key description in the Summary column of the browse area.
    • Unable to edit track sub-information panel after selecting DVS Absolute mode, switching to Export mode, then closing and restarting rekordbox.
    • Letters were not properly displayed with the rhombus when using rekordbox lyric motion Tectonic on Windows.
    • Unable to turn on PC Master Out while using some versions of Mac.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
Download rekordbox here.


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