January 31, 2019

DJS-1000 Performance & Walkthrough Videos with Gorgon City

See DJs and producers Gorgon City perform their track 'Go Deep' live with the help of DJS-1000 stand-alone DJ samplers, then learn more about their performance technique.

British electronic music production duo Gorgon City give our DJS-1000 stand-alone DJ sampler's Performance Pads a workout by reconstructing their track 'Go Deep' on the fly.

Kye "Foamo" Gibbon and Matt "RackNRuin" Robson-Scott blend their pulse-raising music together using 2 of our professional samplers, 2 CDJ-2000NXS2 DJ players and a DJM-900NXS2. The result is a mix masterclass.

DJS-1000 Performance with Gorgon City

Catch Gorgon City's skill in action, then learn how they deconstructed their track for the performance. In the interview below, the pair explain how they broke their production down into separate stems and delegated elements to each other in order to recreate it live. Press play to find out more.

DJS-1000 Performance Walkthrough with Gorgon City


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