January 31, 2018

Underground Sounds Of Romania | Pioneer DJ Radio

Deep, minimalist house sounds are raising the bar in Romania.

In recent years, Romania has undoubtedly become one of electronic music’s most burgeoning scenes. With a proliferation of audacious DJs renowned for their refined productions of minimally inspired, and emotionally charged grooves, several artists stand out amongst this group of vinyl purveyors.

Pioneer DJ Radio's Underground Sounds Of Romania series welcomes four such artists in Livio & Roby, Ada Kaleh, Vinyl Speed Adjust, and Dragosh, all of whom will be providing us with a weekly instalment of Romanian inspired house through techno, each and every Wednesday between 5-6pm GMT/6-9pm CET.

Revisit the Underground Sounds Of Romania show on Pioneer DJ Radio at the following times each week.

  • Premiere - Wednesday 18H CET
  • Repeat 1 - Sunday 01H CET
  • Repeat 2 - Tuesday 08H CET


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