November 21, 2017

TORAIZ SP-16 Firmware update (Ver.1.40)

  • New
    • SEQUENCE: Copy & paste.
    • TRACK: Copy & paste.
    • TRACK : Swap.
    • UNDO: Dynamic sequence recordings.
    • Remove all triggers from a TRACK.
  • Improved
    • Maximum sample length has been extended to 64 seconds.
    • Improved the response time when turning pots quickly.
    • Dave Smith filter settings can be saved per SCENE.
    • Improved response when pressing the Back button on the Browse screen.
  • Fixed
    • Playback muted when you muted a TRACK in the same CHOKE group.
    • The bar displaying the current playback position didn’t appear when previewing a sample on the SAMPLING EDIT screen.
    • Changed the names of folders to store projects, samples and scene files.
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