October 17, 2017

HDJ-X5 headphones - important news

Dear valued customer:

Thank you very much for selecting the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5 headphones.

We've discovered an issue in the HDJ-X5-K and HDJ-X5-S headphones.
The headphones may break, causing the headphone's Slider End Cap to become separated from the headband (see photo below.)

Faulty Slider End Cap

Please contact your dealer or retailer where you purchased the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5-K or HDJ-X5-S.
They will provide you with a refund or an upgraded Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7-K or HDJ-X7-S headphone free of charge. 

Affected models
HDJ-X5-K and HDJ-X5-S

How to identify the model
The model name is displayed on the inner side of the Slider End Cap

Slider End Cap

Here you can find the model name.

Additional Information
If you have any questions on this issue, please contact the Warranty and Service team at 800-782-7210 or visit:

Note: HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X10 do not have this issue.


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