November 04, 2015

rekordbox update Ver. 4.0.2

  • CDJ-2000/2000NXS/900NXS Track Browsing and Waveform Display in HID mode.
  • Playback when paused when pressing HOT CUE (via Preferences).
  • Autoplay via PERFORMANCE mode (DECK1 only all decks Dec 2015).
  • XDJ-700 support (Track Browsing and Waveform Display Dec 2015).
  • DDJ-RX support.
  • Drop-down menu appears when left-clicking and holding on track list.
  • Cross Fader Curve setting in PERFORMANCE worked in EXPORT mode.
  • Vinyl Speed Adjust in PERFORMANCE mode worked in EXPORT mode.
  • Auto Gain in PERFORMANCE mode worked in EXPORT mode.
  • HOT CUE colour in PERFORMANCE mode worked in EXPORT mode.
  • BPM of loaded track displayed incorrectly in EXPORT mode.
  • Track incorrectly loaded when double-clicking in PERFORMANCE mode.
  • Memory CUE worked incorrectly at 00:00:000.
  • Artwork could not be edited in Info Window with multiple tracks selected.
  • Related Tracks did not show up with MASTER DECK selected (Customise the criteria > Current Track).
  • Track starts playing when the CUE button is quickly clicked.
  • Keyboard shortcut to set the grid to current playing position.
  • Channel Fader Curve setting.
  • CDJ/XDJ low volume level on master output.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

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