2001 saw the debut of the CDJ-1000, our first CDJ to include scratching and other features previously only available on analog turntables. We’ve continued to create products and software to help open-format, hip-hop, and scratch DJs express themselves through music.

With the release of our DJM-S battle mixers and DDJ-REV controllers, we deepen our commitment to helping DJs unleash their creativity and inspire their audiences.



Scratch-style 2-channel performance DJ controller


Professional direct drive turntable with DVS control


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In 2003 we released our first battle mixer, the DJM-909. Its crossfader was designed to withstand rigorous scratching thanks to the new non-contact construction with optical detection system, and it offered a higher resolution than conventional faders for smoother volume adjustment. The mixer also included customizable crossfader settings so DJs could set it up how they liked, including the industry’s first Feeling Adjustment feature for changing the crossfader’s “weight”.
The DJM-909 featured an innovative design with an LCD touch display that DJs could use to control 50 different effects. Instantly recognizable, this mixer created the foundation on which all our recent battle mixers are based.
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In 2012, to launch Serato's DJ application, Serato DJ, we released the DDJ-SX. It was the first dedicated DJ controller made in collaboration with Serato with the ability to freely control all the software’s functions.
At the time, finger drumming using Hot Cues and a sampler was a popular way to perform, and this was the first unit we made with the large rubber Performance Pads placed at the bottom of the top plate for easy operation. These pads could be assigned to various modes, including Hot Cue and Sampler. The intuitive layout was so well received by DJs that many Pioneer DJ controllers have since followed its style. This is the unit that set the standard for the DDJ series, which is still loved by many DJs today.
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We released the DDJ-SP1, a sub-controller compatible with Serato DJ, in 2013. This unit offered intuitive use of the software’s sampler, effects, and other functions, and was particularly popular with DJs who used turntables with DVS control or CDJs with HID control in their setups. To make it easy to carry around and add to a DJ setup, the DDJ-SP1 was built with a streamlined body. And support for Serato Video enabled DJs to control not only sound, but also introduce video mixing, video effects, and still images to their sets.
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The PLX-1000 was our first analog deck and was made in response to the enduring popularity of turntables among DJs. Released in 2014, its easy-to-use layout, smooth startup of the platter by the direct-drive system, and the wide range of tempo control functions all helped DJs to perform freely.
To ensure consistent performance even in environments where heavy vibrations were a concern, a rubber tube was built into the tonearm to suppress feedback. In addition to the use of a high-mass zinc diecast for the upper part of the chassis and 8 mm thick resin for the lower part, a 9 mm thick vibration suppression material was mounted at the bottom of the chassis to achieve excellent vibration control. From its release, right up to this day, the PLX-1000 has been highly regarded by many DJs who insist that analog turntables should feel great to use.
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In 2015 – 12 years after the introduction of the DJM-909 – we released the DJM-S9 in response to the boom of the DJ battle scene. The DJM-S9 was developed to answer the question, "What kind of mixer does a DJ need to win a DJ competition?”
The newly developed MAGVEL FADER PRO was designed to be highly durable and to enable DJs to customise the feel of the controls so they could scratch freely and in their own style. Large lever-type paddles that could be turned on and off in a flowing motion were added for instant application of the built-in Beat FX as well as Serato DJ Pro effects. And, focusing on "tone play," – which was new in the battle scene then – large Performance Pads were installed to help DJs unleash their creativity and express themselves in performances. Over the years, the DJM-S9 has been championed by countless DJ battle winners due to its outstanding versatility and playability.
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As the DJ battle scene continued to evolve, we developed new products for artists and released the DJM-S11 in 2020. During DJ battles and performances, concentration is crucial to perform quickly and accurately. That’s why we put a customizable 4.3-inch touch display on the DJM-S11, enabling DJs to check vital information without taking their eyes off the mixer.
After analyzing many performances and interviewing DJs, we focused the DJM-S11 on mashups and incorporated the industry's first DECK 3/4 control function into the unit, enabling the DJ to control sounds from up to 4 decks using only the 2-channel mixer. The DJM-S11-SE, a special model that has all the functions of the DJM-S11 but also inherits the design of the DJM-909 – which is still popular among battle DJs today – was released at the same time.
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Early 2022 saw the release of the DDJ-REV7, a scratch-style professional DJ controller compatible with Serato DJ Pro.
The DDJ-REV7 is lightweight, even though its jog wheels – which feature On Jog Display – have the same rotational stability as a 12-inch turntable and are built to feel like you’re playing with real records. While developing the layout of this unit, we drew many sketches of the position of the Performance Pads and tempo slider to find the best configuration for quick mixing, scratching, and triggering of effects and performances. Extensive research and testing enabled us to build a controller that can be carried around to gigs and events while retaining the solid, professional feel of analog turntables and our flagship battle mixer, the DJM-S11. What’s more, the new Instant Scratch feature includes 4 original samples built into the unit that can be played anytime with the dedicated hardware buttons. This feature was created after we consulted with many scratch DJs who said they wanted to have rapid access to sounds that could be fired off easily.



Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S11 Smooth Echo and Touch FX

Using Smooth Echo on the DJM-S11, you can easily add echo to the music by operating the fader or pad you’ve chosen. Here, DJ Emii effortlessly triggers Smooth Echo then changes the texture of the sound with Touch FX.

Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S11 Smooth Echo and Fader Start

By combining Smooth Echo with Fader Start, DJ Emii demonstrates how to repeatedly play a track or sample from a cue point and apply echo simultaneously, simply by moving the crossfader while holding the shift button.

Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S7 Loop MIDI Mode Pt. 1

DJ Emii shows how she uses Loop MIDI mode 1 on the DJM-S7. Pulling on the effects levers to create drum rhythms with samples in Serato DJ Pro, she then changes the beat cycle to create a build-up.

Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S7 Bluetooth Freestyle

Sending audio via Bluetooth from her phone to her preferred channel on the DJM-S7, DJ Emii can use the battle mixer’s features and effects to manipulate the sound and scratch over it.



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