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Turn it up to 11 – DJM-S11 professional 2-channel DJ mixer

The DJM-S11 mixer brings enhancements to various elements from its predecessor, the DJM-S9, and offers a host of new features to help you perform more freely with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox.


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Artist series: Z-Trip

Here’s Z-Trip with a fresh performance on the DJM-S11 battle mixer. Watch as he uses new features such as Fader Pitch and Smooth Echo to create unique effects on the fly.
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Artist series: Kayper

Kayper puts the DJM-S11 scratch mixer through its paces in this scintillating performance.
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Artist series: DJ Puffy

The 2016 RedBull3Style Grand Champion from Barbados, DJ Puffy, shows his vibrant and infectious energy on the DJM-S11.
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Artist series: Jon1st

The 2013 DMC World Online Champion from the UK, Jon1st, shows his meticulous attention to detail, varied technique, and a creative use of technology with the DJM-S11 mixer.

Artist walkthrough

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DJM-S11 performance secrets with DJ Puffy, Jon1st, Kayper and Z-Trip

Hear how the new battle mixer has changed the way they perform. “It gives me a third hand,” says Kayper. “I can access everything at my fingertips.”


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“Say the Word” with Pioneer DJ (10 way DJ Remix)

What happens when you ask a group of 10 incredibly talented battle DJs, across 6 countries, to collaborate remotely using the same track and our DJM-S11 flagship mixer?

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