15 February, 2018

XDJ-RX2 Firmware update (Ver.1.23)

  • Fixed
    • QUANTIZE was disabled when using BEAT EFFECT ECHO/DELAY/SPIRAL.
    • The BROWSE screen was not shown after loading tracks when RGB was selected for the WAVEFORM COLOR.
    • Unable to load tracks if some MP3 tracks were included.
    • Improved stability when controlling rekordbox dj.
    • Synced tracks would drift after using BEAT JUMP continuously when QUANTIZE and SYNC were enabled.
    • BEAT SYNC was turned off (SYNC button blinked) after using BEAT JUMP when QUANTIZE was disabled and SYNC was enabled.
    • SYNC worked incorrectly when the master deck was playing loop.
    • SEARCH worked incorrectly under certain conditions.
    • TRACK FILTER COLOR displayed incorrectly.
    • HOT LOOP color set in rekordbox wasn’t reflected to the pad.
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