26 March, 2018

The Bridges Show launches on Pioneer DJ Radio

Hear the best artists, producers, and both professional and up-and-coming DJs from across the African continent on Bridges For Music's new radio show.

Listen on pioneerdjradio.com

Pioneer DJ Radio is launching The Bridges Show – a new hour-long, weekly show developed by South Africa-based electronic music non-profit, Bridges For Music. Bringing you the continent's hottest artists, producers, and DJs playing a blend of beats derived from the local cultures, tune in to refresh your playlist and hear unique music.

Produced at the Bridges for Music Academy in the Langa township of Cape Town, South Africa, it's based in a melting pot of the exciting African dance music scene. Hosts Fosta and DJ OD - who will perform on the first and second shows respectively - will be joined by guest DJs including Themba, Lag, Siyanda, Stab Virus, Richard Marshall, DJ Fresh, DJ Loyd, Ryan Murgatroyd, and Thiago Kannan over the following weeks.

Along with coordinating this platform for emerging artists, Bridges For Music – which connects talented electronic-music artists from emerging African territories with global music-industry leaders – is in the final stages of building a music and business academy in Langa township. This exciting project will become a school and creative hub for young talents to pursue their dreams, develop their skills, and explore their passions for music and other forms of art.

Find out how you can support this project here and tune into The Bridges Show at the following times each week:

  • Premiere - Monday 13H CET
  • Repeat 1 - Thursday 01H CET
  • Repeat 2 - Sunday 16H CET


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