31 December, 2018

Mixes of 2018 - Graham's Picks | Pioneer DJ Radio

We asked DJ, Ibiza mainstay and Pioneer DJ Radio Content Producer Graham Sahara to select - and give us some insider info about - his favourite shows on the channel this year.


"Since first broadcasting her set live from SulaFest in India a couple of years ago, we've kept an eye on Priyanjana. And when we decided to start Underground Sounds of India, she was the first artist that we asked to be part of it. I really enjoy the sounds of Priyanjana's deep, melodic house which has touches of tech and progressive house intertwined. Ideal for radio listening, this mix typifies her style, and is one I've listened to a few times already."

Dirty Culture

"Dirty Culture's new to Pioneer DJ Radio in our Underground Sounds of Romania segment. I needed to find someone for the spot and I'd heard of Dirty Culture before over the years but never realised he was Romanian - if I'd known, it could have saved me some time. I listen to many of his mixes and for me, this is an excellent session full of deep, minimal, rolling tech. It never gets boring and just evolves. This is an artist you should be looking out for in future."

Doc Martin

"Doc Martin's is one of the highest listened-to shows on the radio and for good reason. I loved this particular month's session. I really like the way it flows and progresses. It typifies Doc Martin's inimitable style."

Josh Wink

"This was probably my favourite session from the live broadcasts this summer. It was great to hear Josh play something a little different in really intimate surroundings. You'll hear some excellent old-school flavours packed into 1 hour by a master of the craft. My Shazam got a right work-out during this broadcast."

Graham Sahara

"Am I allowed to add myself?! (Ha ha) I really enjoyed making this mix. I felt it had a nice flow to it and I've had many a good comment said about it. It was very much the sound of mine and many others' summer."

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Picture credit: Amans Photography


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