04 March, 2016

rekordbox app for iOS/Android update

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management app for iOS/Android brings new features and fixes as below:

Our rekordbox music management app for iOS/Android allows you to prepare your DJ sets on the fly. You can transfer tracks from your computer (Mac/Windows) to your mobile device, create playlists, set cue points, and more The changes and settings that have been made on your iOS/Android device can be written back to rekordbox on your Mac/Windows for further editing and playback.

We recommend you to install rekordbox version 4.0.6 or later on your Mac/Windows computer to use the app more effectively. Download rekordbox for free on rekordbox.com

Main features:

  1. Transfer music files from rekordbox on your Mac/Windows to this app via Wi-Fi.
  2. Transfer changes and settings you've made in the app back to rekordbox on your Mac/Windows for further editing and playback.
  3. Import existing music files from your iOS/Android device.
  4. Set memory cues, hot cues and loops, and analyse and edit beat grids and keys. (Please note that these features are not included for the XDJ-AERO.)
  5. Edit comments and rate tracks.
  6. Create and edit playlists.
  7. Play music from the rekordbox app on the supported products below:

** A Wi-Fi router is required


  • 8 HOT CUEs for the CDJ-2000NXS2.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

* Available only when tracks already analyzed by rekordbox on Mac/Windows are exported to iPhone rekordbox.

Important notice for rekordbox app users on Android 4.4 or later

Due to a specification change by Android for Android 4.4 and later, writing to an SD card is now restricted. Alternatively, you can create a new library directly on your SD card ((sdcard)/Android/data/jp.pioneer.prosv.android.rbm/files).

In case you use Android 4.3 or earlier and update to Android 4.4 or later, track information will not be displayed due to the restrictions mentioned above. If you encounter this problem, you can

  • import tracks directly on your Android device.
  • import tracks to rekordbox on your computer (Mac/Windows) first, and then to the rekordbox app for Android again.

Some Android devices operating on version 4.4 or later, can't be connected to a CDJ using a USB cable. If you can't connect your mobile device to a CDJ using a USB cable, please try to connect via Wi-Fi.



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