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DJ / Producer / Flashmob Records / Flashmob Radio Show

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“I want to have a huge crowd in front of me…

…I’ve been DJing and releasing records for over ten years and I know what I want now. To get it, I need to be current and that means making music in a world that’s digital with an analog twist. I’d heard the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler was amazing and I wanted to test it so I met Pioneer DJ at Amsterdam Dance Event. That was when the RM-07 monitor speakers caught my eye – they look incredible – so we plugged the sampler into them. I was astonished by the sound.”

Notable productions

  • Brick House
  • Need in Me
  • 1993
  • Inside
  • Who
  • Now Is

Finding the balance

“It’s like meeting someone and knowing you can trust them immediately.”

“What struck me, initially, was just how good the RM-07 speakers sound. You can actually hear the clarity of the audio that comes out of them. The layers of the highs, mids and low frequencies are so well defined. It’s like meeting someone and knowing you can trust them immediately. You don’t have to spend a lot of time analysing these speakers; you know you can trust what you’re hearing from them straight away. They’re honest. That means you can spend less time in the studio and that’s great for me because I don’t like long studio sessions. I prefer to be out DJing.”

“A track is well mixed and it will play well in a club when it’s balanced – when all its elements find their correct place. It’s something you just have to feel. But even if you’re not an expert in production and mixing, the RM-07s enable you to balance your tracks better because they separate sound so well. These speakers will be great for all kinds of electronic music, and I think EDM producers in particular would benefit from them. It’s one of the most complex kinds of electronic music because it’s made of so many elements, so having the luxury of clarity and transparency in all the different sounds would be a big advantage.”

The feel-good factor

“I find that the RM-07s help my ears. Because they’re so clear, you don’t need to go louder and louder. I used them to remix a track for Terranova’s next release on Flashmob Records recently and the result was great. I was able to focus even after many hours in the studio because my ears didn’t get tired like they used to when I mixed on other monitors. The bass reflex helped a lot and the resonance response was great at all volumes. The coaxial drivers with the tweeters mounted in the centre gave me the feeling of being able to gain more precision in the coexistence of the medium-high range and I found it easy to balance them.”

High-quality headphones

“When I unboxed my HRM-6 headphones and saw them, along with the cables and accessories, I thought ‘luxury’. But I don’t mean luxury as in expensive. I mean luxury as something done in a tasteful way; something done for people who pay a lot of attention to detail. They’re light and comfortable – they cover the ears perfectly and I’ve worn them for up to three hours at a time – and you can hear all the frequencies. I have no complaints about them at all, and I’m painfully particular. I checked my Terranova remix on the headphones and I was happy, so I tested the track at a gig and it projected on the dance floor better than I hoped. Bingo!”

“Digital is ruling the game, and with this kind of equipment you’re putting yourself at the forefront.”

Mixing on the move


“The portability and versatility of the TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and the RM-07s has completely revolutionised my music production workflow because I don’t have to stay in the studio to work.”

I can connect the sampler to the speakers anywhere: downstairs, upstairs, even in the garden in the summer, and just start working with my samples. I’m always going to use the speakers in the studio for mixing but they can move around the house with me. Where I go, they go.”

“I’m going to sell my other monitors.”

HRM Headphones

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RM-07 & RM-05 image
6.5-inch professional studio monitor with HD coaxial drivers

Drawing on a rich heritage in speaker design, the RM series monitors with HD coaxial driver units are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and crystal clear audio with crisp sound separation.

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