Clean sound reproduction across the frequencies.

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Designed for all stages of the music production process, our studio monitor speakers and headphones deliver accurate and neutral sound across the frequencies.

RM Speakers

RM-07 & RM-05 image
6.5-inch professional studio monitor with HD coaxial drivers

Drawing on a rich heritage in speaker design, the RM series monitors with HD coaxial driver units are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and crystal clear audio with crisp sound separation.

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HRM Headphones

Professional over-ear studio monitor headphones

The HRM studio headphones' fully enclosed design features dual airflow chambers and a damping structure to enhance the bass response and reduce reasonance for accurate monitoring. Thanks to the freely adjustable headband and ergonomic design, you won't even notice wearing them, even during long recording sessions.

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Alix Perez & Ivy Lab

Find out why it's so important for them to have an accurate response, and how our RM-07's fit the bill.


"RM-07 speakers have a frequency that feels correct. Warm and believable."

Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier

Watch how the HRM-7s play an important part in Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier's process.


"The RM-07 monitor speakers look incredible. I was astonished by the sound."

Henry Samiento

"Lesser speakers can hide errors or a poor performance, but with the RM-07s you hear every detail in your mix."

Mark ‘Spike’ Stent

"RM-07s were completely different from anything else I already had – so I installed them in my studios in London and LA."

Masahiro Kawaguchi

"I could really sense how well the phase sounds when I started using the RM-07"

Wired Masters

"The RM-07s have proved to be ideal for me."

Junior Sanchez

"I’m highly surprised at how well the RM speakers are made, and the output I’m getting from them."

Junior Sanchez on the HRM-7 Studio Monitor Headphones

"They feel like a pair of headphones you’d expect to find at Abbey Road."

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