Harmony of design and playability
Winner of iF Design Award 2024, Red Dot Design Award 2024 and 2023 Chicago Good Design Awards

As their roles become more and more diverse, DJs often find themselves playing at myriad types of venues and events, from clubs and hotel lounges to fashion parties, product launches, and on livestreams. And, as the musical direction required from DJs is more diverse than ever, they need to be ready to adapt to different situations.


Sleek silhouette

The distinctive fan-shaped top plate is sloped and has a rounded edge at the front, making it more comfortable to rest your hands on.


Colors that complement any space

With a matte black finish across its body, the OPUS-QUAD complements the aestethics of any venue or space. Certain elements are accentuated to make them easily identifiable, for example controls with copper-colored markings, and the earth-colored slits on the front and sides of the unit create a sense of lightness and stability.


Style and substance

To create a perfect grip for mixing and scratching, the jog wheels have streamlined dimples and a textured finish on the outer and top parts respectively. And hidden LEDs omit a gentle glow that matches the color you’ve pre-assigned to each deck, so you’ll always know which one is playing.

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