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Create your own music with our mono synth, the TORAIZ AS-1, the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler, and our range of studio monitors and headphones to deliver quality sound.

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We’ve poured more than 20 years of electronic music industry experience into our music production gear and sound recording equipment. Add depth, creativity and produce the perfect sound at home or in your studio.

Make your musical vision a reality with the brand-new TORAIZ AS-1 mono synthesizer and TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer. These music production tools will open up new possibilities in the studio and on stage – whether you’re a professional or aspiring producer.



Monophonic analog synthesizer

Broaden your musical horizons with the TORAIZ AS-1 monophonic analog synthesizer. It boasts a true analogue synthesis engine based on the discrete analogue circuitry in Dave Smith’s Prophet-6. Plus it has intuitive controls, touchpad keyboard and slider to bring even more creative possibilities to your performance or production.

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TORAIZ AS-1 Dave Smith note


Professional sampler and step sequencer

Turn up the heat in the DJ booth or the studio with the TORAIZ SP-16. Let your creativity fly to the next level as you enjoy Dave Smith’s Prophet-6 analogue filters, 2GB of pre-installed Loopmasters samples and a 16-step sequencer that lets you create up to 256 different patterns.

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Get started, get creative

Here’s how to get the most out of your new TORAIZ SP-16.

TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 1

Project Structure Overview

TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 2

Browsing and Assigning Samples

TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 3

Pad Modes

TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 4


TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 5

Analogue Filter Section

TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial 6

Advanced Trigger Types

Designed for all stages of the music production process, our studio monitor speakers and headphones deliver accurate and neutral sound across the frequencies.


6.5-inch professional active reference monitor with HD coaxial driver units

Drawing on a rich heritage in speaker design, the RM series monitors with HD coaxial driver units are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and crystal clear audio with crisp sound separation.

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Intro to the Studio Monitor Series

Discover what underground drum & bass producers Alix Perez and Ivy Lab are looking for in a reference monitor. And find out more about the Studio Monitor Series.


"The RMs strike the right balance between being flattering and surgically precise; they're fun to write on but still enable you to make key mix decisions." - Ivy Lab

"The build quality is first class & they have helped give an extra dimension to my studio set up. These new pioneer monitors have a great depth of sound & a great low end which is sometimes hard to find with monitors of this size & price" - Eats Everything



Professional studio monitor headphones

The HRM studio headphones' fully enclosed design features dual airflow chambers and a damping structure to enhance the bass response and reduce reasonance for accurate monitoring. Thanks to the freely adjustable headband and ergonomic design, you won't even notice wearing them, even during long recording sessions.

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"Hands down the most comfortable headphones I've used." - Ivy Lab

"The sound insulation of the HRM-7's is perfect. They are really closed headphones so when we are mixing there is no sound from the outside leaking in. We are very statisfied and will be using them when producing and making music from now on." - Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier


"These are great. Proper studio clarity and balanced sound, which can be used on the move." - Gorgon City


"They sound killer. Proper low end bass and brightness. We use them on the tour bus all the time." - Rudimental


Make your musical vision a reality with the right tools. The TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer, the TORAIZ AS-1 mono synth, powered monitor speakers and studio headphones will put your stamp firmly on every beat.


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