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CDJ-2000: software & firmware updates

06 February, 2024

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Firmware Update

  • CDJ-2000 firmware
    Download link (4.21 MB)
  • Version
  • Latest update
  • Description

    If the firmware version is Ver.4.33, you don't need to update the firmware version.
    Please read the Update Guide to check the firmware version of your CDJ-2000 and how to update the firmware.

    Please ensure that the same version firmware is used for each of multiple units of CDJ-2000/900 when they are used together.

    Ver.4.33 Update
    • Fixed an issue where tracks in some folders in a 2TB HDD were not displayed when browsing the folder.
    • Fixed an issue where a WAVE file, whose header is incompatible, cannot be loaded to a deck, but the [Loading..] sign is shown continuously.
    • Fixed some issues in the Needle Search function.

Software Update

  • CDJXDJ Aggregator Tool for Mac
    Download link (0.04 MB)
  • Version
  • Latest update
  • Description

    For connecting multiple players to a Mac, as well as designating them as audio output device targets for your supporting DJ software, you will first need to set up an aggregated device.
    This can normally be accomplished by using Audio MIDI Setup, a utility which comes bundled with Mac OS X.
    We have provided an alternative program called CDJ/XDJ Aggregator, which simplifies this procedure to a single click.

    Please also download the instruction manual and read through it before installing the tool software.

    This tool is not necessary for Windows users because Windows CDJ/XDJ drivers support audio output to multiple players.

    Please be sure to install and use the Windows drivers corresponding to your player.

    You can use this aggregator for the models below.
  • rekordbox and rekordbox dj
  • Description

    Please visit the rekordbox site for all information.

    Open source notice:
    This software includes open source software codes licensed under GNU General Public License 2 and / or GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1. Details of the GNU GPL and LGPL can be found at the GNU website. The machine readable copy of the corresponding source code is available here.

    Open source notice (MPL) :
    This software includes open source software codes licensed under Mozilla Public License, Version 2.0 ("MPL"). The machine readable copy of the corresponding source code is available here.


MIDI Mapping files

  • CDJ-2000 third party software
  • Description

    The CDJ-2000 has a USB HID/MIDI control interface and sound card, so you can use your CDJ-2000 with third-party DJ software like Traktor or Virtual DJ Pro and play music in high quality audio.

    To use third party DJ software with Pioneer products with Windows operating systems, you will need to install the drivers by downloading them from above, or from the CD that came with your CDJ-2000. Mac users do not need drivers.

    The latest support information on how to connect your CDJ-2000 with third party DJ software can be found below, including setup instructions and connection schemes.

    Software Compatibility Interface Setup
    Traktor Ver. 1.2.3 or above
    (December 2009)
    USB HID, USB AUDIO Connection guide
    Connection diagram
    Virtual DJ Pro Ver. 6.0.3 or above
    (November 2009)
    USB HID, USB AUDIO Connection diagram

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