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Music management DJ software


DJ software & Interfaces

DJ fundamentals

You can rely on rekordbox to play with any Pioneer DJ setup at home or in the booth anywhere in the world. Whether you like to perform using multi players, a controller, or a DVS setup, rekordbox offers a global solution to manage your music, prepare tracks and play from a single library and sync tunes to intuitive lighting sequences.

The DJ software’s powerful KORETECH engine with upgraded signal processing program – for audio, graphics, and video – guarantees stability and enables responsive, intuitive performances. Plus rekordbox’s simplified GUI ensures clear visibility, helping you navigate the features and track information in an instant.

Download the rekordbox app to prepare DJ sets on the go.

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Key features

  • Support for streaming services


    Using rekordbox dj, you'll be able to enhance your rotation by mixing tracks from the Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ streaming services (subscriptions required) along with those in your rekordbox library.


  • KORETECH engine


    Perform intuitively thanks to faster track loading and scrolling speed when browsing, and highly responsive DJ performance features. The new optimised program brings enhanced stability with the same outstanding audio quality.

  • Ease of use


    The simple GUI with grouped elements ensures clear visibility making it easier to navigate and control all rekordbox features. At a glance, you get a grasp of different elements of track information including playing status and waveforms.

  • Automatic mixing

    rekordbox automix

    Use advanced track analysis to map the unique characteristics of each tune. Drop songs into an Automix playlist to watch as rekordbox dj creates fluid mixes according to phrase, beat position, key position and BPM. You can then scratch, apply FX and re-order tunes according to your taste.

  • Upgraded search

    rekordbox upgraded search

    Mix tracks you didn’t believe compatible with the customisable Related Tracks feature which retrieves tunes according to artist, comments and even file formats.

  • Lighting mode

    Perform intuitive lighting sequences with the new rekordbox Lighting mode. Dramatically reduce pre-show prep with automatically-generated designs that can be quickly customised mid-show. Pair with the RB-DMX1 interface for DMX512-fixture compatibility.

  • Export your library


    You can easily export playlists directly from your PC or Mac using rekordbox’s export feature. If you lose your computer or it gets damaged, you can restore your library at a later time using your USB device or SD card containing your exported data.

  • rekordbox dj

    Prepare your sets in rekordbox and then get plug-and-play performance directly from your laptop with rekordbox dj — whether you’re using multi players or a controller.
    Find out more.

  • rekordbox dvs

    Use rekordbox dvs on all our compatible DJ gear – or connect the INTERFACE 2 audio interface to any mixer – to enable low-latency scratching with digital tracks in your rekordbox library.
    Find out more.

  • rekordbox video

    Manage video and image files in rekordbox and engage the rekordbox video software to play and mix them live as if they were audio tracks.
    Find out more.


    Create custom build-ups or breakdowns on the fly with a set of software-based FX – taken directly from our RMX units – without the need for additional hardware.
    Find out more.

  • rekordbox lyric

    Turn your set into visual poetry with Lyric. Easily auto sync or customize the words to your set and display them in tune with your video.
    Find out more.


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