Intuitive workflow

Have fun creating phrases by tapping the 16 multicolored LED rubber pads in the Step Edit section. Set step parameters and play live as if the pads were keys on a keyboard. Combine various sequence functions such as Interpolation and Harmonizer to help build your sounds.


Instantly switch between features using the 16 multicolored pads. Linked to independent modes, they enable you to engage a range of creative features. You can activate Trigger mode to step-record patterns. Play scales and record performances with Scale mode and add nuance by varying the strength of your keystrokes.


Interpolation helps you instantly make phrases. Set each parameter for the beginning, middle, and end of the steps and quickly assign the pitch and dynamics to bring your idea to life.


For chord inspiration, look no further. The Harmonizer feature allows you to assign up to 6 chords to buttons, record chord compositions into steps, and intuitively build evolving phrases.


Tap the pads to switch phrases on the fly with Transpose mode. Use this function to immediately adjust the mood of a phrase or rapidly raise the pitch of a step. The sounds you create can be recorded in real time.


You can manipulate up to 5 of your external device’s CC controls. For instance, if the TORAIZ AS-1 monophonic analog synthesizer is connected on track 1, you can assign a handful of MIDI CC numbers and then step sequence them in one place.


In need of some inspiration? Try randomly changing the parameters of a step to alter the phrase and get new ideas from there. SQUID will individually randomize the trigger On/Off, pitch, gate, velocity, and CC mode control values. In addition to the normal sporadic sounds, trigger On/Off and pitch incorporate a more musical randomization thanks to the Euclidean algorithm – perfect for when you want to quickly generate phrases.


This sequencer has 16 MIDI tracks, and you can make up to 64 patterns per track. Call Pattern Set at any time by immediately saving a combination of patterns created by each track and use it to conveniently check the rough composition of your music.


Touch one of the 16 pads to trigger a perfect chord. The SQUID knows 18 chord sets and its in-built knowledge of chord progressions will help you create incredible music.

Other features of the TORAIZ-SQUID

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