Arrange phrases in real time

Rearrange phrases you’ve created in the Step Edit section to craft your ideas the instant they spring to mind. Enhance your sounds with performance features, such as Running Direction, Speed Modulation, and Groove Bend.


Develop unique grooves by fluctuating the playback speed of sequence patterns. Switch between 6 waveform shapes, such as triangle and sawtooth, and adjust the rate and amount.


Create multiple new phrases from 1 sequence pattern by changing its playback direction. Try the unique Zigzag or Clockwise directions via the SQUID’s 4 x 4 pads. Experience 48 different playback directions by combining Reverse, Switch Back, and Flip with the 6 different Running Directions.


Along with Swing, which automatically delays trigger timing, you can use Groove Bend – the first-ever function on a sequencer to change trigger timing in real time via a slider. Manipulate the slider to delay, accelerate and develop grooves as if you’re playing a musical instrument.


Tap the Rhythm button to loop a portion of any pattern. Or activate Trigger Probability to adjust the chance of a note dropping. Combine this with other features to intuitively create new phrases, rhythms and fill-ins.


By changing the speed of sequence playback in real time, you can intuitively create slow or rapid phrases. Simply hold down the button to double or halve the speed.


Use the Scale knob and Arpeggiator to change the scale and key of a pattern. The SQUID automatically corrects the pitch of the pads (steps) according to the scale and keys set, so adjusting the mood is effortless.

Other features of the TORAIZ-SQUID

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