01 June, 2023

Stagehand app for front of house teams now available

Wireless viewing and remote control of DJM-A9 and CDJ-3000 units via an iPad.


AlphaTheta Corporation releases the Stagehand app for front of house teams. This indispensable new app, the first of its kind, enables you to keep an eye on a host of information and remotely adjust settings on DJM-A9 and CDJ-3000 units in a PRO DJ LINK network, all from your iPad. By managing the mixer and multi players via Stagehand, you can run smoother shows and produce more exciting lighting in sync with sound.

Before your event begins, you can use Stagehand to remotely check and change the Utility settings of the DJM-A9 and CDJ-3000 units for quicker setup. Stagehand is also useful once a gig is underway as you can monitor the DJ’s use of the mixer and players without needing to enter the booth. The app enables you to keep an eye on volume levels and settings, and use beatgrid, BPM, and time information to help create effective lighting displays. There’s a Live mode too, which disables many of the app’s features so you can’t accidentally stop the music during the show.

You can try Stagehand free for 60 days. Download the app from App Store to use it with an iPad.

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