26 May, 2020

rekordbox update (ver. 6.0.1) brings enhanced functions

Industry-first AI tech shows positions of vocals in tracks and Beatsource LINK is now supported

We’re enhancing the creative possibilities offered by our professional DJ application, rekordbox, by introducing industry-first technology, Vocal Position Detection, and support for the Beatsource LINK streaming service for open-format DJs.

Using rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.0.1) with the Creative subscription plan, you can see when all the vocals will drop in a track by just glancing at the waveform. This is possible thanks to AI technology with deep-learning capabilities embedded in the software’s new music analysis algorithm, which we co-developed with Japanese tech company Qosmo. Detecting the position of vocals in the music with a high level of accuracy, rekordbox shows you exactly when to expect them – enabling you to stay ahead of the game when mixing and avoid vocal clashes.

Want to add new sounds to your sets? Update to rekordbox ver. 6.0.1 and, in Performance mode, you can choose from millions of tracks from the Beatsource LINK*1 catalog. This new music streaming service for open-format DJs has been built by music distribution website Beatport and record pool DJcity.

We’ve also added the XDJ-RX and RB-DMX1 to the list of Hardware Unlock devices, so you can use Performance mode freely when either unit is connected to your set-up. And if you use the new version of the rekordbox app for iOS (ver. 3.0.1) you’ll notice a number of improvements to various functions. Find out more about this in the App Store update history.

*1 Music distributed by Beatsource LINK can only be used in rekordbox Performance mode and not Export mode or Link Export mode. It’s not possible to import music from Beatsource LINK to the rekordbox sampler, and the recording and Capture features can’t be used when tracks from the streaming service are playing.

*If you have a Hardware Unlock device, you can use Performance mode with any plan, including the Free plan. See the list of Hardware Unlock devices here.

Find out more about rekordbox

rekordbox FAQ
rekordbox for iOS on the App Store

To use Beatsource tracks in rekordbox Performance mode (available for free when you control via your computer), you’ll need to subscribe to Beatsource LINK. Find out more about Beatsource LINK and see a list of countries where it can be used (as of May 26, 2020).

Key features of rekordbox (ver. 6.0.1)

Vocal Position Detection - new algorithm with AI tech displays the positions of vocals

Never crash a vocal again. The industry-first music analysis algorithm in rekordbox, developed in partnership with Qosmo, uses deep learning to detect where vocals occur in each track. With a high level of accuracy, rekordbox ver. 6.0.1 displays the positions of the vocals on the entire waveform or the enlarged waveform so you’ll know when they’re going to drop – giving you an extra weapon when planning your mix.

Performance mode supports Beatsource LINK

Take your pick from millions of tracks and hundreds of expertly curated playlists when you browse the Beatsource LINK catalog from rekordbox ver. 6.0.1 Performance mode – available with the Free subscription plan when you control it via your computer. As well as analyzing the BPM, key, and waveform of tracks, Performance mode offers various features so you can set and save Hot Cues and loops for each track. You can mix music from Beatsource LINK with music in your rekordbox library and you can even store Beatsource LINK tracks in an offline locker within rekordbox. Take out a Beatsource LINK Pro (50 tracks) or Beatsource LINK Pro+ (100 tracks) subscription to do this.

Performance mode gives access to Beatsource LINK charts and playlists

Discover new and classic tracks from the artists you love using Beatsource LINK’s expansive catalog, curated specifically for DJs. Browse hundreds of playlists built for every genre, theme, and occasion, and instantly DJ with them with rekordbox ver. 6.0.1 Performance mode.

Auto Upload

Set playlists to Auto Upload when you use Cloud Library Sync in the Creative plan and you’ll know that every time you add a track, it’ll be automatically uploaded to the cloud for use on your other rekordbox-activated devices (excludes intelligent playlists).

System requirements

Mac macOS Catalina 10.15 (updated to the latest version)
macOS Mojave 10.14 (updated to the latest version)
macOS High Sierra 10.13 (updated to the latest version)
Windows Windows® 10, 8.1 (latest service pack)
CPU Intel® processor Core™ i9, i7, i5, i3
Memory 4GB or more of RAM
* Disclaimer: Specifications and price are subject to change.


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