31 May, 2019

Mixes of the Month – May | Pioneer DJ Radio

Listen to some of Pioneer DJ Radio’s best DJ mixes. This month’s list features sounds by Doc Martin, Louie Fresco, Ney Faustini, and Dirty Channels.

Louie Fresco

Score inspiration for your next set with this futuristic percussive mix by Louie Fresco. The MEXA records label boss delivers a tight session full of uplifting sounds that’ll make you feel like it’s the weekend (even on a Monday).

Ney Faustini

São Paulo-native Ney Faustini brings his deep house expertise to the Pioneer DJ Radio airwaves in this episode of Underground Sounds of Brasil. A softer mix of genre-blending DJ music, this show is ideal for when you’re in the mood to mellow out.

Doc Martin

Since kicking off his career in San Francisco in 1986, Doc Martin’s built up a dedicated following for his ability to seamlessly pepper his sets with surprising vintage tracks. Less surprising is the fact that his monthly Underground Sounds of America session sees the Mixcloud play button get a serious workout. Hear why.

Dirty Channels

In this edition of their Play Dirty show, Simone & Leme, a.k.a. Dirty Channels, perform grooves by Carol Jacobs, Carl, Emjay, Cameron Traxxx, Syncbeat, and Metro. The DJ and music production duo start steady before picking up the pace with some funky closing minutes.

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