22 July, 2019

Cici | DJsounds Show 2019

Get set to hear the sounds of Ibiza, 2019. The Zoo Project’s resident DJ, Cici, delivers a psychedelic Balearic mix on the DJsounds Show.

She’s currently serving as resident DJ for both The Zoo Project and Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes in Ibiza, but Cici somehow managed to find time to join us in the swelteringly hot DJsounds studio (broken aircon and all). 

Performing with an icy NXS2 kit, the music producer and DJ puts the decks to work, delivering a mix full of Balearic electronic beats. 

“[It’s] what I’ve been playing in Ibiza, the kind of feeling that I’ve been having on the island,” she explains in the pre-mix interview. 

And it wouldn’t be a Cici mix without a psychedelic edge. 

“I think everything that I play has kind of a weird or psychedelic reflection on certain genres,” she adds. “I like house that has a psychedelic edge to it; I like techno that has a psychedelic edge to it; I like jazz that has a bit of a psychedelic edge… that’s just something that I seek out.”

Watch the video to hear her mind-bending Ibizan sounds. 

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