14 June, 2018

Jon1st & Shield | Behind The Sounds

Watch Jon1st and Shield perform their new track, Holla, and find out how they created it in episode 2 of Behind The Sounds.

In our latest edition of Behind The Sounds, future-beats producer, Shield, and World DMC champion turntablist, Jon1st, share the creative process that went into their new tune, Holla. Breaking down the elements of the track, the pair build a beat on the TORAIZ SP-16, add a melodic bassline using the AS-1 mono synth and make the most of the Sound Editor software by sharing presets and sounds remotely. They also discuss the importance of bringing production into a live setting and talk about how the TORAIZ range of musical equipment enables them to perform.

Jon1st & Shield - Behind The Sounds

Jon1st and Shield give a masterclass in live music production as they perform their new track, Holla. The collaborators use 2 TORAIZ SP-16s to build, arrange and layer the tune with 1 shots and percussive elements. With the AS-1, Shield adds a weighty bassline played through a MIDI keyboard as Jon1st provides additional melodic texture with a dreamy, arpeggiated synth. On turntablist duties, Jon1st also skillfully cuts and blends vocal samples using a DJM-S9 and the PLX-1000.

Binding the elements together, the duo route everything through a DJM-900NXS2 for further FX processing. The result is a truly engaging performance that demonstrates their skills as DJs, beat-makers, producers and everything in between.

Jon1st & Shield perform Holla

Want more? Watch episode 1 of Behind The Sounds featuring Dark Sky here.


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