25 September, 2018

Underground Sounds of Italy | Pioneer DJ Radio

Hear some of Italy's best exports on Pioneer DJ Radio with new shows by resident and guest DJs every week.

Berny - Cosmic Radio Show

Since breaking onto the scene with 2010's 'Shplatten,' genre-jumping producer Berny has continued his rise. Join his regular listeners who tune in every month for the Cosmic Radio Show.

Simone Vitullo - Go Deeva Records Radio

The recurring Go Deeva Records Radio series provides a platform for the local label to showcase its releases, host Simone Vitullo's own creations, as well as some of Italy's best DJs and jams. Hear what guest DJ David Aurel brings to the table in this arresting mix.

Cosmic Cowboys - Aenigma

The Cosmic Cowboys project is the brainchild of Nicola Sansoni and Kaled Jabari AKA Randomatique and Kaledj. Blending deep house, dub, tech house and more, the childhood friends' combined music style is a genre of its own that they feel is 'cosmic'. Have a listen and you'll find out why.

Dirty Channels - Play Dirty

Having established themselves as successful solo artists, Simone and Leme joined forces in 2008 as Dirty Channels. In this guest mix, they host house music pioneer Don Carlos. Press play to hear him getting his hands dirty.

Want more? Hear Underground Sounds Of Italy in action on Pioneer DJ Radio at the following times each week:

  • Premiere - Tuesday 18H CET
  • Repeat - Saturday 03H CET


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