01 March, 2017

rekordbox update Ver. 4.3.0

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes


  • New
    • Compatible device added: DJM-250MK2
    • rekordbox video (paid feature)
      • 3 new TRANSITION FX
      • 8 new TOUCH FX
      • Vertical movement in addition to horizontal allowed on the TOUCH FX.
      • Combining BEAT FX/CFX with TOUCH FX is available.
      • Visualizer
      • Karaoke file format MP3+G support
      • Full screen button
      • Touch Keyboard shown in the DDJ-RZX center screen when connected.
      • Syphon Out
  • Improved
    • Reduced CPU load when connecting a DDJ-RZX.
    • LOOP is shown on the overview waveform in each deck.
    • You can add a track to a playlist by dragging and dropping a track title in a deck to a playlist.
    • Faster loading time of unanalyzed tracks.
    • Playing Pulselocker tracks offline.
  • Fixed
    • The application sometimes crashed when a Pulselocker track was downloaded or loaded to a deck.
    • Beat grid for certain video files were wrong. Please note that tracks must be analyzed again to fix the issue.
    • Scrolling was slow when browsing tracks played via Pro DJ Link.
    • The application sometimes crashed when launching rekordbox while connected to a controller .
    • Switching MASTER decks and enabling QUANTIZE became unavailable if rekordbox was used for a long time.
    • Playback speed suddenly became slow or fast .
    • The RELEASE FX beat value was displayed incorrectly when launching rekordbox.
    • SLAVE deck sometimes played a short loop when a MASTER deck got in the PAUSE status while the SLAVE deck was playing a loop longer than one beat.
    • Sometimes audio wasn’t output from the headphones CUE when PERFORMANCE mode was selected from the EXPORT mode.
    • HOT CUE GATE playback didn’t stop when it was played using a keyboard shortcut in the EXPORT mode.
    • There were no shortcuts for HOT CUE D-H in the EXPORT mode.
    • An error message was displayed on some computers when rekordbox was launched while a card reader was connected without a memory card.
    • The application sometimes crashed when closed.
    • The application sometimes crashed when tracks were imported by drag-and-drop.
    • Unable to switch to the browse screen with a space key while in Japanese input mode on Windows.
    • Unstable BPM when using the DVS feature.
    • Waveforms and the beat grid were not shown when using Pro DJ Link and playing a track from a database moved to an external HDD.
    • Elapsed/remaining time setting of each deck wasn’t saved.
    • The application crashed when many tracks were exported.
    • Shortcut for the Explorer disappeared when rekordbox was relaunched and the parent folder name includes "&".
    • Sometimes fractional part of the MASTER BPM changed when the MASTER deck changed using BEAT SYNC.
    • Play position jumped to the beginning of a track when synced before the beginning of the track.
    • The application crashed when tags were reloaded for many tracks.
    • The rekordbox GUI wasn’t shown properly when screen resolution was 1366 x 768.
    • Beat Count information wasn’t shown as that of rekordbox in the DDJ-RZX screen.
    • The video crossfader wasn’t working when controlled from connected hardware in external mixer mode.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

Download rekordbox here.


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