19 October, 2016

Richie Hawtin collaborates with Pioneer DJ to support Get Played Get Paid campaign – Hawtin’s RADR app now compatible with our KUVO platform

In a video published on our YouTube channel today, globally renowned and highly respected DJ, Richie Hawtin, has explained why he’s collaborated with us to make his RADR application compatible with our KUVO platform in support of the Get Played Get Paid campaign. On the possibilities of what can be achieved using RADR and KUVO together, Hawtin says: “The potential of this technology is actually revolutionary.”

Led by the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), Get Played Get Paid aims to make sure electronic music artists get paid the royalties they’re entitled to when their tracks are played at gigs by DJs. Hawtin’s RADR application – which sends information about tracks played by DJs via TRAKTOR PRO1 and other DJ software to a Twitter feed – is now compatible with KUVO, our technology that can stream metadata to the performance rights organisations (PROs) that distribute royalties to artists. This means it’s now possible to use non-Pioneer DJ software with KUVO and RADR simultaneously, with initial support for TRAKTOR PRO2.

KUVO is a platform from Pioneer DJ that lets DJs share details of the tracks they’re playing in real time via the KUVO app. Clubs that want to use KUVO get the hardware box installed (currently free), and DJs can sign up for free.

KUVO supports the people creating new electronic music, helping to keep creativity flowing through the scene. On the difference that KUVO can make, Mark Lawrence, CEO at the AFEM, says: “With continued support from clubs, DJs and performing rights organisation, KUVO will play a key role in making sure that when artists’ music gets played, they get paid.”

How to use KUVO with TRAKTOR PRO via RADR

  1. Set up an account and register your KUVO profile at the KUVO website.
  2. Download RADR to your PC/Mac at the RADR website. After the installation, launch RADR and set up an account.
  3. Connect your PC/Mac at a club where a KUVO network gateway is installed using a LAN cable. Launch RADR and start DJing.
  4. See the KUVO system configuration guide for more details.

Watch the video about the collaboration between Richie Hawtin and Pioneer DJ and find out more about how RADR and KUVO can help to support the creators of electronic music.

1TRAKTOR is a registered trademark of Native Instruments. Other products, technology and company names, etc. mentioned herein are the trade names or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

2Information on tracklists/sets from DJs performing with TRAKTOR will only be documented if the DJ chooses to connect to the RADR.DJ link, which then transmits the information to KUVO.


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