23 June, 2016

Introducing the new rekordbox video Plus Pack – Intuitive and responsive DJ performance using videos and images

We’re releasing the rekordbox video Plus Pack, which lets you bring videos into your performances. Using rekordbox dj and the rekordbox video Plus Pack you can manage video and image files in rekordbox, then play and mix them live on any of the controllers in our DDJ range as if they were audio tracks.

Our video processing algorithm gives dependable video performance even when using high definition video files. You can add text and create slideshows on the fly, and a camera output lets you show the live feed from a digital camera connected to your computer. The video and images are sent to a monitor or projector from your computer’s video output.

To use rekordbox video, you need a rekordbox dj licence and a rekordbox video licence. First download rekordbox 4.2 for free, then buy a rekordbox dj licence key for €139 (if you don’t own one already), followed by a rekordbox video licence key for €159. If you’re a rekordbox dj monthly subscription user, you can use the video features without buying a licence key. Find out more about the rekordbox family.

Key features of the rekordbox video Plus Pack

  1. Excellent video performance and easy file access
    Mix large video and image files with confidence thanks to our video processing algorithm which ensures dependable performance. Manage all your music, image and video files in the same rekordbox library and use playlists and the search function to instantly access any file. Load image and video files to rekordbox decks as if they were audio tracks and play them live.
  2. Camera output and interactive features Connect a digital camera to your computer and send the video or images to the master deck in rekordbox video so the crowd can see themselves on screen in real time. Prepare playlists of image files in advance so you’re ready for requests, and add text overlay on the fly to display requested messages.
  3. Video DJ features and FX
    Use the crossfader to switch between two videos thanks to Transition FX. Touch FX lets you add FX and adjust parameters by tracing on the x and y axes on the display.
  4. Plug-and-play with Pioneer DJ multiplayers and DJ controllers
    Our compatible DJ controllers and multiplayers offer easy set up and instinctive control. The new DDJ-RZX professional controller brings new features including three 7-inch touch screens for even more intuitive performances.


OS(Windows) Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (The latest service pack)
OS(Mac) Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9(Updated to the latest version)
CPU IntelⓇ processor CoreTM i5 2.5GHz or higher
Memory 8GB or more of RAM
Display resolution Resolution of 1280 x 768 or greater


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