Flagship 4-channel digital mixer



Futurology fulfilled.

Sync Master / Beat Slice / Quantise / Beat Effects / Studio-quality Instant FX / PRO DJ Link via LAN connection / Live Sampler / Three performance modes / 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch screen / Peak Limiter / High performance channel faders / Built-in USB soundcard / Talk-over function / 3-band isolator EQ.

Key features

  • Quantise Beat Effects

    Quantise Beat Effects

    rekordbox BPM and beat grid information is retreived to automatically sync all beat effects in perfect time with the mix.

  • Beat Slice

    Beat Slice

    To sample and slice tracks on the fly for spontaneous creativity.

  • Frequency Remix

    Frequency Remix

    Seven-band touch cross fader so DJs can choose which frequencies are in the mix.

  • Sidechain Remix

    Side Chain Remix

    Borrowing technology from the groundbreaking RMX-1000 remix station, to deliver louder sidechain oscillators and multiple effect chaining.

  • EQ isolator on each channel

    The 3-band isolator type EQ gives you channel-independent, broad-range control in HI, MID and LOW. This means you stay in charge of your sound for every channel.

  • USB audio interface

    The built-in USB audio interface lets you input music playing on your computer to the mixer via USB without an external soundcard. Assign up to 4 audio systems to each channel or output audio from the master channel to your computer - extremely convenient for recording your mixes!

  • Advanced connectivity

    With ProDJ Link you can connect multiple players, turntables or laptops via a simple LAN connection. Combine this with rekordbox to quickly sample live recordings, access on-air status info, or share/switch sets you’ve prepared at home.

  • MIDI controller

    Fully assignable MIDI functionality can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.

  • Enhanced operability and durability

    Our own magnetic faders account for smooth and steady control. Two metal shafts support the fader knobs, while the contact-free magnetic system is designed to endure millions of performances.


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