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Wireless rekordbox DJ system (black)


All-in-one system

DJing from WiFi with portable tracks.

The combined structure of two players and a mixer means you can DJ with this device on its own. The mixer is equipped with ports to connect external hardware, such as one of our CDJs or other turntables, allowing you to use it as an independent 2-channel mixer as well.

Key features

  • Effects with simple controls

    XDJ - Jog wheels

    Jog controls and effects enable a wide range of arrangements and mixes from the integrated effects library or from your own music sources.

  • Record directly to USB

    USB Record

    You can record directly to a USB storage device without having to use a computer or recording device. Music is stored as high quality WAV files and you can add track marks as you play directly on the mixer. When you're done, you can easily import and edit your mix in your computer afterwards.

  • Effects with simple controls

    Sound Color FX

    The SOUND COLOUR FILTER is loaded in each channel of the mixer, and dynamic arranging and mixing of music will be possible by adding effects to sound regions.

  • Auto Beat loop

    Auto Beat Loop

    This system automatically detects the beat, while the AUTO BEAT LOOP function allows you to easily play the selected number of beats in a loop. This way you can enjoy an intuitive and versatile loop performance.

  • Always in tune

    Master tempo locks the track’s pitch when changing the track tempo. The improved algorithm produces sound more faithful to the original tone.

  • Let's get digital

    Simply plug in your rekordbox USB or connect your iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone to load tracks directly to the XDJ. Get access to a multitude of advanced performance features when preparing your tracks in rekordbox or using the rekordbox app.

  • Sets well prepared

    Fully compatible with our free rekordbox™ DJ software. Download now

  • WiFi Music

    Wirelessly connect to rekordbox to play your music from your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet.

  • Additional connectivity

    The XDJ can be used as a controller for other DJ software using the MIDI connection.

  • High quality audio from high quality hardware

    The player and mixer's processing blocks have been combined into one chip with full digital processing capabilities. Distortion is reduced to a bare minimum to bring you flawlessly precise, bass-bastic beats.


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